One of the new kids on the block is The Hudson Collective, known as HudCo, a Dobbs Ferry coworking space that opened in May and was founded by locals Christy Knell, Ira Frazin, and Christina Cohen. A “shared coworking-and-wellness space,” HudCo currently sports 11 desks, an event/lounge space, and a full Pilates and physical-therapy studio, as well as free WiFi and printing.



Guests roamed the 1,500-square-foot facility's three bright white rooms, enjoying food catered by Harper's Restaurant and discussing the advantages of working at HudCo rather than toiling at home—with all the attendant distractions—or commuting to the city ... “The co-working spaces in the city are crammed,” Christine Nguyen said, “and this is nothing like that. I really love it, the design of it, that it’s so open.” ... HudCo's membership format fosters networking among its members—fitting for a company that originated in a complex network: several founders bonded over their toddlers, some became aquainted at an Oasis Day Spa event, others were introduced by friends, and a few met at a housewarming party.